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Kenzen - a hand crafted all natural Koi food. The Young Again Pet Food company that manufactures Kenzen Koi food researched the needs of Koi species extensively and developed a list of ingredients that grow healthy Koi really well, with the least amount of waste possible.

Most Koi food brands borrowed technology from trout and salmon feeds.  They use field crops as protein and carbohydrate sources, and although wheat and soybeans do work to some extent in Koi/carp they are not very efficient, and the debate is still out on the long-term health of the Koi that feed on those ingredients. Turns out that Kenzen did it right!

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    The folks at Kenzen researched the digestibility of various protein sources and the proper types of other ingredients required to benefit the total health of the Koi, while making sure they provide the complete nutrition required for energy, muscle mass, and bone growth.  Kenzen Koi food has no fillers so beautiful skin luster, and the maximum potential of the Koi may be realized.

    Kenzen Koi Food uses high quality protein sources like Herring meal and Squid meal. There are no: wheat, soybean meal, corn, corn gluten, alfalfa or odd ingredients from chicken farms in the formula.  Only high quality proteins and carbohydrate sources are used to optimize and benefit our fish.  The Koi assimilate and efficiently digest Kenzen, hence very little fish waste goes into the water.

    Kenzen koi food

    Does the brand you use now give you a temperature-feeding chart? How many different formulas do THEY have to handle the full temperature range? 

    With Kenzen one formula is all you need, ALL YEAR!  Throw your old temperature charts away.  Let the Koi determine how much they want to eat and at what temperature as the water temperature gets lower.  The manufacture has successfully tested feeding Koi in water at 38 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Koi were active and swimming as though they were in warm water. 


    December 18th 2012 in the state of Washington and our SkagiTek pond water was 41 degrees Featherlight and our Koi were still swimming close to the surface wondering around where we could see and enjoy them. The outside air temps that day were around 34 degrees and we had gotten some snow flurries that morning. We have been feeding our Koi Kenzen all summer and we were still feeding them daily into winter. Normally our Koi for the last ten years have been sitting on the pond bottom when ever the water reaches into the 40's. I am so pleased that my Koi are on a diet now that will benefit their health and enable them to feed more months out of the year. This has proven to me that the digestibility and balance of proper ingredients can make all the difference.

    Unbelievable? Remarkable? One might think.  I say finally, a well-designed Koi food that gives us one healthy solution.

    Kenzen Koi Food uses high quality protein Herring meal. There are no: wheat, soybean meal, corn, corn gluten, alfalfa or odd ingredients from chicken farms in the formula.  Only high quality proteins and carbohydrate sources are used to optimize and benefit our fish.  The Koi assimilate and efficiently digest Kenzen, hence very little fish waste goes into the water.

    For clarity: assimilate; verb - to take in and utilize as nourishment: absorb into the system.

    No fillers is more than a plus … it is a game changer!

    The research and testing on this very nutritious high quality Koi food has shown that it can perform like no other.  In fact Koi can eat Kenzen in very low water temperatures as a result of it. (Do not attempt to feed other brands of food in low water temperatures.)  Kenzen is designed to feed your Koi in any temperature range they would eat at in the wild.


    Kenzen contains no corn products or corn glutens that are known for yellowing the white areas of Koi

    Koi Farms Using Kenzen

    Koi farm's goals are comprised of overcoming many obstacles and take their business very serious in working towards developing a reputation for raising quality Koi. Raising hardy koi to bring to market requires acres of land, overcoming the environmental challenges, hard work and years if not generations of knowledge. The food they feed the Koi can make or break the business if it’s too expensive or pore in quality. Many Koi Farms have been running independent tests recently to determine which Koi food delivers the best results in many areas. They want to see less waste, good confirmation, quality skin, non-fouling of filters in attempts to increase feeding and get the greatest growth that permits them to bring the fish to market all with hopes and possibilities of award winning Koi.

    The testing from the Koi farm’s grow outs are very detailed in weighing fish, using fish from the same parent stock, use identical size ponds and filtration systems.

    Reportedly, three farms have done comparison testing and used the Kenzen Koi food. They found dramatic results and benefits from switching over the feeding of their Koi from the other Koi foods to Kenzen. When feeding the koi Kenzen, they find it results in a higher quality Koi. Better color, confirmation with less fat, and a faster growth rate resulting in price of food per pound of fish that yields a true greater value to them. While the food may cost them more than twice that of previous Koi foods, they are impressed enough to make the switch.

    Foods used in the testing against Kenzen; Tomigai, Hikari, and private mills

    Listed below are some of the Koi Farms here in the US that have done the testing and switched to Kenzen Koi Food.

    Kleinholz Koi Farm, OK

    Click here to visit Kleinholz Koi Farm or go to

    Quality Koi Company, NJ

    Click Here to go to their site relating to the test Or click here to visit Quality Koi Farm

    Kloubec Koi Farm, IA

    Click here to visit Kloubec Koi Farm or go to


    Like many pet owners, we often wonder about marketing claims. So we asked questions about some of the testing that was done to benefit the end result. Turns out they actually purchased many high end brands of Koi food and tested them along side in similar conditions. They used glass aquariums for housing the Koi to monitor fish waste, Koi color and luster. This benefits many aspects in viewing fish and how fatty Koi may become on some brands. After several years research and engineering Kenzens final formula, they released it to the market. We then set out to do our own in house testing. Below are some of our observations on our 800 gallon indoor tank with nine Koi ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

    Waste - Bottom drain flows through a 300 micron screen to trap. We were in disbelief when we went from 2 to 3 tablespoons of waste every other day to almost nothing after switching to Kenzen food. It took two weeks to see 2 to 3 tablespoons of waste.

    Color - No color fade at all and some improvement, yet most noticeably was the whites were much more white.

    Hunger - We all know that Koi want to eat and they often swim right over to greet us, but to see them even more interested to the point of nipping at the water even when we had not even fed them yet. They instantly consumed the food with no hesitation. In our outdoor pond, this was a nice improvement to see because often they nip some of the other brand then wait for us to leave.

    Water quality - Less waste is very important in Koi ponds because bad bacteria thrive on fish waste. Knowing now that the quality of the water the fish swim in is safer means a lot to us because we invest so much into our fish and equipment. The last thing we want is to see an ill fish or worse. Its often said, maintain the water quality and let the fish take of themselves. With Kenzen, I'm doing both! We did not experience any problems with our fish while feeding Kenzen for well over a year.

    Shelf life?

    Kenzen Koi food shelf life is one year. Every bag is dated with the date of manufacturing and the expiration date so you know its fresh. So feel free to get multiple bags because with Kenzen Koi food, you will be feeding more months out of the year than you would normally be feeding with other brands. Kenzen has been fed and tested with Koi swimming actively in 38 degree Fahrenheit. The fish will use the nutritional benefits and energy to thrive even while feeding them more.

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    We have been testing Kenzen Koi food for over a year in an outdoor pond and our indoor pond. With our indoor pond, we were able to see well over 80% less fish waste when we switched to Kenzen Koi food. We noticed the whites on our fish just pop to a bright white.

    In our outdoor pond, the fish seem much more active even at colder water temperatures when normally they use to sit on the pond bottom and conserve energy. The more you feed them this food the faster they grow.

    CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Our customers have called in with so many good comments resulting from switching to this food including things like the fishes body now looks leaner and better. Stating that before the head seemed too small and the body was getting fat and out of shape. After switching to just Kenzen, in a few months' time, the shape of the fish looked much less fatty and that they really like how the body of their Koi looks much more natural.

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    This site is owned and operated by SkagiTek Inc. that is a dealer of the Kenzen food and in no way owns any investment in the product or Young Again Food company. We believe so much in the benefits of Kenzen Koi food products, that we made this web site just to help Koi keepers learn more about it and buy it. Try it, we are confident you will notice the benefits.