Improving water quality and the Koi health, colors, luster, ability to tolerate stress would be a very tall order to accomplish when creating a Koi food for us Koi keepers and hobbyist. Turns out that Young Again Pet Products did it. Released into the market after years of research and testing, they introduced the line of Kenzen Koi.

Young Again Pet Foods and mill is here in the united states. Requiring strict and trusted standards that we customers appreciate.

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    Kenzen Koi Food

    During the years of research testing and balancing Kenzen ingredients, they also tested other popular brands of Koi food in different tanks to evaluate just how much waste is produced by Koi eating those other brands. They used that data to strive and do better in creating the best Koi food possible and with less waste.

    Analizing ingredients and formulating proportions of them to benefit the digestibility, increase level of nutrition has resulted in a balance of energy to fuel metabolism along with the needed protein to optimize body growth to help Koi reach their maximum potential. 

    In the first month of feeding Kenzen Koi Food exclusively, Koi keepers notice increased muscle mass and skin luster on their Koi.

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    Primary Diet is for year round feeding. Choose either floating or sinking pellets. The Breeder's Choice is designed for smaller baby Koi or for adding bulk to large Koi. Shop Now

    Our testing resulted in more than an 80% decrease is waste.

    What about the waste?

    We mention our testing resulting in 80% less waste to drive home a point. It's one that every Koi keeper needs to know. Because any amount of waste remaining in a pond can cause most of the health issues that result in most of us at one time or another discover one or more ill or dead fish. Important fact; Bad bacteria thrive on fish waste.

    As pond keepers, we are responsible for the closed environment we created for the fish and waste is our primary problem. Which is why all ponds should have a bottom drain or bottom intake. The bottom intake removes the waste to the filtration system to be separated and eventually removed from the water system. Benifiting our ponds water quailty.

    If your pond is not designed with a bottom intake or drain, then less waste is even more important. If your pond has rocks layered on the bottom, then less waste is incredibly important and beneficial. Waste settling and staying in the pond creates an unhealthful environment because our pond has a sealed liner. Natures lakes permit waste to be consumed by the granular soil with thriving critters and beneficial bacteria.

    Some ponds that have lined rocks may use the regiment of adding doses of beneficial or active bacteria regularly to attack that settled fish waste. Those doses are good for the health of the pond in reducing the waste by continuously attacking the waste created daily, yet fail to get it all. And in time, fish health issues can start to appear.

    A regular maintenance regiment for sealed ponds that have rocks on the bottom require annual cleaning. This usually means removing all the rocks and hosing the pond clean of some really stinky muck. Which stinks because of the rotting fish waste settled below the rocks that the good bacteria could not get too.

    Less fish waste results in a healthier pond for the fish. It also means that the fish are assimilating the food, deriving nutrition from the food and burning it off as energy. Which is the whole point of feeding them. Shop Now

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    Kenzen Food - Winter Feeding

    Kenzen Primary Diet is safe and beneficial for your koi through the winter.   Yes that’s right the same food you feed in the summer is the same food you feed in the winter.  There is no need for different bags of food as water temperatures change.   Kenzen Primary Diet has been proven to be digestible by Koi in water temperatures all the way down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to feed them through the Fall and into Winter as the water cools so they are prepared for Winter feeding

    How is this possible?  Every other brand says that protein levels must decrease as temperatures go down.  Kenzen uses high quality protein sources that are assimilated by the koi in all seasons.   We do not use plant-based proteins, which inhibit digestion, especially as temperatures go down.   Honestly the whole idea of reducing protein levels as temperatures go down escapes us.   In the natural model the larval flies that koi go after in a mud pond average 50% protein.   In fact the Vienna School of Veterinary Medicine studied carp in aquaculture ponds and where able to show that carp seek out natural foods that are 50% protein in water temperatures as cold as 36F.

    So what are we trying to accomplish with feeding through the winter?  By feeding koi on a regular schedule they get the nutrients they need to maintain white blood cells counts, good slime coat, and physical mobility.  By feeding the koi they stay off the bottom of the pond.   All of which protects the koi from parasites and infections.   

    Problems still occur however.  In the winter if the koi are able to move around they are also able to let you know when there is a problem.  Koi will flash if they have parasites and this is the koi keepers signal to take action.  Treatments like potassium permanganate are effective in cold water.  However if you stop feeding the koi at 50F and they go into torpor they will not be able to alert you when there is a problem.

    Winter feeding guidelines:
    Between 45F and 50F – two meals a day
    Between 40F and 45F – one meal a day
    Between 36F and 40F – one meal every other day

    How much food?
    In the coldest part of winter at say 38*F each koi may only take 4 to 5 pellets in a meal.  This will be more than enough to maintain healthy fish through the winter.

    As water temperatures increase the feed volume and meal count should increase.  The indicator that they are getting too much is when fecal matter shows up in the pond.   Simply watch for fish waste in the pond.  Reduce the feed until the waste from the fish goes to nearly zero.    If you are seeing fecal matter in the pond you are wasting your money.   Kenzen is almost entirely assimilated by the koi if not over fed.  

    How can a feed be this efficient?  Research into quailty ingrediants that benifit Koi. No grain fillers are used.

    When feeding through the winter, be sure to protect your filters from the cold and run them 24/7. Shop Now

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    Kenzen's Sinking Food

    Kenzen Sinking Food sinks slower then other sinking foods which permits the koi more time to eat. Many customers complain that faster sinking pellets in other koi foods result in the koi food quickly falling to the bottom, thus causing the koi to hit the bottom hard when going for the food. This causes brusing, scrapes, and damage that can in addition cause stress and pseudomonas bacteria which can severly damage or kill the fish.

    Kenzen ingredients: Herring meal, Potato starch, Dried whole egg as the main content along with other nutrients to benefit the Koi diet.

    Herring meal is the primary protein source which is rich in fish oil.

    We are researching many of the other brands ingredients and plan on sharing the legal definitions here soon. So be sure to check back.

    Coupon Code for Kenzen Koi foods: "ARTKPF3"

    Kenzen Koi Pond Food

    We have been testing Kenzen Koi food for over a year in an outdoor pond and our indoor pond. With our indoor pond, we were able to see well over 80% less fish waste when we switched to Kenzen Koi food. We noticed the whites on our fish just pop to a bright white.

    In our outdoor pond, the fish seem much more active even at colder water temperatures when normally they use to sit on the pond bottom and conserve energy. The more you feed them this food the faster they grow.

    CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Our customers have called in with so many good comments resulting from switching to this food including things like the fishes body now looks leaner and better. Stating that before the head seemed too small and the body was getting fat and out of shape. After switching to just Kenzen, in a few months' time, the shape of the fish looked much less fatty and that they really like how the body now looks much more natural.

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