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Kenzen Koi Food (Made is U.S.A.)

Years of research has produced the perfect blend of high quality ingredients that is Kenzen Koi Food.  The balance of energy to fuel metabolism and protein to optimize body growth is formulated to help Koi reach their maximum potential. 

In the first month of feeding Kenzen Koi Food exclusively, Koi keepers notice increased muscle mass and skin luster on their Koi. Plus, Kenzen adds an exclusive brand of Bioceuticals to help ensure the immune systems of your Koi are supplied with the materials needed to help improve their ability to fight infectious diseases and parasitic infestations. More important is that their is ZERO FILLERS.

Kenzen koi food digestable

Kenzen designed a food that the Koi digest and assimilate almost all of the ingredients.

as-sim-i-late: to take in and utilize as nourishment: absorb into the system

Do not feed other food brands to Koi in colder temperatures unless specified to be safe. Kenzen is!


Our testing resulted in more than an 80% decrease is waste.

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  Brief Description & ZERO FILLERS Sizes Floating Sinking   10 lbs. 50 lbs.
Primary Diet Floating Well balance and nutritionally complete diet for year round feeding made from all natural and highly digestible ingredients benefiting Koi growth and health. Shop now





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  Yes Yes
Primary Diet Sinking Food Same as the Primary Diet Floating, yet it is a sinking food that appeals to the instink of the fish and gets them excited to go after a the food that is not floating which tends to be an area that they do not often feel safe. Shop now 6mm No Mostley Yes   Yes Yes

Breeder's ChoiceDISCONTINUED

No longer available - DISCONTINUED

This food has been removed from production by the manufacturer due to lower sales that originally was targeted to the breeders of Koi.


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Small and Large Pellet Sizes

About the size

At this time, the factorey has switched over to making the floating 5 mm for Floating and 6 mm for sinkinng .

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Kenzen Primary Diet ingredients:

Herring meal, Potato starch, Dried whole egg as the main content along with other natural nutrients to benefit the Koi diet.

Herring meal is the primary protein source which is rich in fish oil. Koi need a well balanced and nutritionally complete diet. Kenzen Koi Food is made from all-natural ingredients.  To help your koi grow and thrive for a long and healthy life, Kenzen food contains only the most digestible protein sources on the market today; your ponds will stay much cleaner. You'll be amazed at how little waste is produced.

The high digestibility of Kenzen Koi Food encourages growth of koi. In fact, one serving of our food is equal to 1.5 to 2 servings of most other foods. Other brans use much more fillers for profit.

What's more, we add our exclusive blend of Bioceuticals, a naturally derived compound found only in Young Again foods. You will see better luster as well as an improved ability of your koi to fight infectious diseases and parasitic infestations.

Kenzen Koi Pond Food


Learning about Ingredients in general

Read the ingredients listed on the bag of any Koi food and discover some of the odd ingredients and any combination of plant foodstuffs that may seem beneficial to humans, yet they are not to fish. In fact, ingredients like Barley, Rice, Wheat and Corn are listed as Endogenous anti-nutritional in table 12 of the Endogenous Anti-nutritional factors present in plant feedstuffs document produced by the Fishers and Aquaculture Department.

Another note about corn. Any corn or corn gluten listed as an ingredient for Koi food, will make the whites of your Koi yellowish. One company actually boasts about the quality of their corn. (Watch the whites of your Koi get bright after using Kenzen if you have been feeding a Koi food that has any amount of corn products)

So many other types of fillers and things companies may claim will help, yet don't. We were surprised when we started to look up terms and definitions of ingredients. Some make nice claims about coatings of vitamins or clay that stand a better chance of just washing off when the food enters the water then actually making it into your fish. Perhaps you have seen varying types of slicks on the water surface once the food is placed in the pond.

All products ingredients are listed with the first item representing the largest portion and each after it is less. Kenzen developer has researched and tested many of the other brands to enable improving Kenzen.

High protein food even in cold water?


Earth worms are 82% protein. Toss one into the pond during winter when the water may be colder than 50.

Will the Koi wait until the warmer waters of spring to eat it. Not likely. Could this be because the worm is very digestible?

The Koi's digestion can easily break it down. Unlike many other types of proteins and fillers that manufacturers use for ingredients.

This is the reason many people say to wait till the ponds water temperature reaches 55 degrees before feeding them.

Typically pond owners often start them off with a wheat germ food to ease them into being able to digest. This is not needed when using Kenzen!

By feeding with Kenzen, your feeding your fish a food that has no fillers, one that is easy to digest and very nutritional that they can assimilate.

Let the fish decide when they will no longer eat. As the water gets colder, they may reduce the amount of food or even skip a day.

To fully benefit the digestibility, do not mix Kenzen Koi food with other foods.

Here at SkagiTek, we did feed our fish in 36 *f degree water. They came up off the bottom and ate. At those temps., they were moving a bit slower then they were at 41 degrees and feeding every other day and enjoying themselves in the upper 12 inches of the pond.

Feeding them at cold temperatures requires them feeding on Kenzen during Fall and into the winter. This is great news for those of us and the Koi in the colder climates! Shop Now

Unlike many Koi food manufacturers claiming to be the best Koi food using the best ingredients, Kenzen is an engineered Koi food that is open about proving the benefits to Koi using all natural "nature-identical" ingredient profiles that match the natural diet for Koi in the wild.

Plus, they add an exclusive brand of Bioceuticals to help ensure the immune systems of your Koi are supplied with the materials needed to help improve their ability to fight infectious diseases and parasitic infestations.

We have even found some manufacturers use chicken feathers to increase the protein or reprocessed scraps. Kenzen Koi food was created after researching at great length to develop a Koi food that has resulted with so many benefits that it is already changing our Koi hobby for the better. Many of the benefits are not possible with the other Koi foods on the market. Young Again Pet Food is the manufacturer of Kenzen. They specialize in researching specific species to develop truly the highest quality pet food products. This site was created to help Koi keepers to learn more about Koi food so they can make informed decisions to benefit the fish and water quality.


We have been testing Kenzen Koi food for over well over 10 years in an outdoor pond and for years in our indoor pond. With our indoor pond, we were able to see well over 80% less fish waste when we switched to Kenzen Koi food. We noticed the whites on our fish just pop to a bright white. Waste was evaulated under measuring the food at each feeding and the waste bottom intake collected and filtered out on a stainless steel 300 Micron Screen.

In our outdoor pond, the fish seem much more active even at colder water temperatures when normally they use to sit on the pond bottom and conserve energy. The more you feed them this food the faster they grow.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Our customers have called in with so many good comments resulting from switching to this food including things like the fishes body now looks leaner and better. Stating that before the head seemed too small and the body was getting fat and out of shape. After switching to just Kenzen, in a few months' time, the shape of the fish looked much less fatty and that they really like how the body of their Koi looks much more natural.

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Made in USA

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This site is owned and operated by SkagiTek Inc. that is a dealer of the Kenzen food and in no way owns any investment in the product or Young Again Food company. We believe so much in the benefits of Kenzen Koi food products, that we made this web site just to help Koi keepers learn more about it and buy it. Try it, we are confident you will notice the benefits.